Quality Control

At Galena Engineering, Inc., quality service is achieved through setting high standards for our entire staff and demanding the most professional ethical conduct in dealing with our clients and other members of our community. We strictly adhere to and follow the code of ethics as established by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Idaho State Land Surveyors Association.

In the rural area that we serve, quality service means more than meeting the planning, design, and construction engineering needs of our clients. Small communities and rural counties often do not have the staff to identify and manage the complexities of a large public works project. Many councils of government and most regulatory and funding agencies provide a great deal of guidance and direction. However, choosing the most appropriate technology, identifying the most “affordable” funding package, obtaining support for the local share of the necessary funding, negotiating for easements and rights-of-way, providing for appropriate public participation, and carrying a project through the myriad of land use permitting issues can create a management and administrative nightmare. At Galena Engineering, Inc., quality service means providing guidance and direction as well as technical support with all of these issues throughout the duration of the project. It also means proper project closeout and documentation, as well as ongoing operational and maintenance assistance. We view the need to provide quality service to our clients as an ongoing improvement process that gets better and better with each successful effort.