Engineering Services

Utility Design Engineering
Our utility engineering services include potable water systems, wastewater systems, irrigation systems, underground utility planning, storm water systems, and much more. We prepare designs and guide our projects through all phases of the planning, regulatory, and construction phases. Our guidance includes interpretation and application of local ordinances, coordination with county, city, state or federal regulatory agencies, coordination with the local utility companies, and other services as needed by our clients. In addition to design and construction we also prepare support materials such as Facility Planning Studies, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, pressurized network analysis, and Asbuilt Surveys.

Transportation Design Engineering
Our transportation engineering services includes design and construction for roadways, intersections, signals, bridges, drainage features, and much more. Each of these items includes the necessary storm water, hydraulic modeling, digital terrain modeling, earthwork calculations and other tasks necessary to achieve the final product, and coordination with the governing body. We also prepare project specific material such as Transportation Impact Studies, and Roadway Inventories for Pavement Management Software and other applications.

Site Design & Engineering
We offer a full range of engineering services for site specific development. We provide the Civil component for project teams consisting of architects, structural engineers, landscape planners, and others for a complete design and construction package. Our Civil work on these projects typically encompasses design for site grading, storm water, utility, street and accesses, ADA access, height analysis, and other components necessary for a complete package.

In addition to site design we also offer construction staking, surveying, construction observation and construction management. For additional information on these services please click on one of the links to the left.

Water Resource Engineering
Water Resource Engineering includes hydraulic analysis and river models, FEMA projects such as LOMR’s or LOMA’s, and other open channel related work.

Construction Engineering
We provide a full range of construction engineering services including preparation of bid specifications and contract documents, administering the bidding process, construction surveying, quality control and inspection, and other services as needed.

For additional information on these services please click on one of the links to the left.

Structural Engineering
Galena Engineering provides support for structural engineering. This support includes services such as bridge siting and layout, tunnel siting and layout, location and control surveying, quantity calculations, and structure stakeout. We also provide construction inspection and other construction management services that are project specific.