Land Surveying
Galena Engineering Inc. specializes in Professional Land Surveying for clients throughout southern Idaho. This surveying includes all tasks recognized by the State of Idaho as being encompassed within the land surveying profession, and specifically includes the determination of land boundaries and the preparation of plats or subdivisions thereof. Our services within this category include the preparation and recordation of subdivision plats, records of survey, legal descriptions, field surveys and monumentation, deed interpretation & preparation, ALTA surveys, sectionalized land surveys, water boundary surveys, townsite surveys and right of way surveys.

Construction Surveying
Since Galena Engineering Inc. is a full service firm, we provide complete construction surveying services for both the projects we design and projects designed by others. In addition, we provide construction surveying services for contractors, government agencies, and private individuals. Our services within this category include construction stakeout, volume surveys, asbuilt surveys, topographic surveys, monitoring surveys, and many other services. For additional construction services refer to the Engineering Services bulleted item to the left.

Foundation, Grade and Elevation Certificates
We provide form specific surveying services to satisfy your project or funding needs. An example of these forms includes FEMA flood elevation certificates, local government foundation or elevation certificates and other certifications based on project specific needs.

Base Mapping or Special Studies
We define base mapping as the preparation of a survey document, either electronic or on paper, that reflects the existing conditions and/or limitations of a parcel of land. These basemaps typically include many features such as topography, natural hazards, boundaries, adjoiners, utilities, ALTA components, or any other site specific feature a client may desire. Natural hazards may include survey information for special studies such as avalanches, floodways, wildlife overlays, or hillside slope analysis. We frequently engage task specific specialists for special studies and then provide the field and mapping support to make these studies documentable.